August 18, 2019 - “Faith Can Be Scary”

August 18, 2019

The enemy of faith is fear and that is why our faith can be scary. It puts us face to face with our fears. It causes us to go against our fears. It could be said then that if you are to have any faith at all, then you are going to be afraid. Today we hear God speaking to us to calm our fears and increase our faith.

Read Exodus 14

August 11, 2019 - “Stretching My Imagination!”

August 11, 2019

Faith has everything to do with seeing things that others do not see. It is about being open to the possibilities. St. Paul once wrote: “With God’s power working in us God can do much more than we could ever imagine!” God’s power creates faith so we really see life as God intended it for us!

Read Joshua 1:1-11, James 1:6-7, Proverbs 3:5-6, Ephesians 3:20

August 4, 2019 - “Growing With Expectation!”

August 4, 2019

When you have faith in your life you are going to find something else, namely, great expectation! A lot of people have no hope in anything and consequently find themselves despairing and filled with negativity. God seeks to raise people of faith, and people of faith become positive about everything that really matters.

Read Romans 8:28; 31-39, I Samuel 17:46-52, Hebrews 10:23, and Hebrews 12:10

July 28, 2019 - “The Bible and Me”

July 28, 2019

"Bringing the Bible to Nations" - Message by Pastor Allan Klatt.

July 7, 2019 – “Getting Practical about Building Confidence in Your Life”

July 7, 2019

God’s Word offers great advice for all of us who are looking to be more confident about our beliefs, future, our life. Today we look at 6 keys to confident living. It doesn’t get any more practical than this. It is simple, but oh how we complicate it! God says “Be yourself”, “Do your best”, “Don’t judge yourself by others”, “Choose your friends carefully”, “Live with a great purpose”, and “Trust God always”. 6 simple, practical words that can change our life.

Read Psalm 108:1; I Cor. 15:10; Galatians 6:4; Psalm 73:2-3; I Cor. 15:33; Matthew 16:25-26; Jer. 17:7-8

June 30, 2019 - “Healing for a Confident Life”

June 30, 2019

We all have scars from the past. Things that have shaken us, disturbed us, and distorted our vision about who we really are, or more importantly, what we could be! There are certain things that we have to get over, get past, overcome, if we are to be all that God wants us to be in life. God comes today to bring the healing we need so that we can get our confidence back. He opens our eyes to how really special and important we are and how much he values us for His purposes.

Read Psalm 147:3; Proverbs 12:18; Romans 12:2; Psalm 27:10; Isaiah 43:4; Daniel 10:19; Philippians 4:13

June 23, 2019 - “Growing in Confidence!”

June 23, 2019

God’s Word leads us to see the many unreliable sources of self-confidence that we choice like appearance, things, and accomplishments and then holds out to us what will not fail us. God moves us to more fully understand ourselves, our value, and our purpose.

Read Isaiah 49:5; I Samuel 17:7; Proverbs 11:7; Jeremiah 9:23-24; Psalm 9:5; Romans 5:8; 2 Thess. 2:17; Ephesians 2:10

June 16, 2019 — “Self-Control”

June 17, 2019

Happy Father's Day to all our dads. Being a father is a blessing. Today we will celebrate fathers and face a big challenge together. Being the best we can be, starts with taking a look at how things are going on the inside. Our lives on the outside, need a solid core on the inside. That includes our ability to demonstrate self-control. But how do we do that? What does this have to do with our faith? We find self-control in list of the fruit of the Spirit.

Read Galatians 5:13-25

June 9, 2019 — “Joy!”

June 9, 2019

We all could use a little more joy in life. When we face tough times, which are bound to come our way, we can be robbed of the joy God wants us to have. God is the giver of joy through His Spirit. He knows that we need it in our lives. He even commands that we rejoice. When was the last time you felt joy? Join us and get in the mood to rejoice!

Read Acts 2:22-28

May 26, 2019 – “Kindness!”

May 26, 2019

We live in a cutthroat world where people use each other to achieve their own desires. They care more about themselves than they do about others to the point we begin to wonder what ever happened to kindness! Is kindness a thing of the past! Is everything so important that we just can’t or won’t take the time to be kind. Let’s talk about it!

Read I Thessalonians 5:15